shameless is my life and ian x mickey is the reason i exist

im a fervent mickey milkovich defender, hes so important ok i love him

mandy milkovich is my wife shh

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ian and mickey hanging out 

ian and mickey laughing together 

ian and mickey spooning 

ian and mickey having cute petnames for eachother 

ian and mickey protecting eachother 

ian and mickey  

mickey milkovich + being jealous

it’s actually pretty cool, there’s a lot of shit we can figure out about ourselves in here.

make me choose

↳ anonymous asked: ian gallagher or mandy milkovich
↳ ilselientje asked: mandy milkovich or caroline forbes


Shameless Rewatch In No Particular Order:

"A will?"

"Aunt Ginger’s. Good news, she died. We’re getting the house."

Ian comes home from the army after getting a honorary discharge when they find out he's bipolar. He goes to find Mickey, but he's not there.


”Where’s Mandy?” Ian asked after letting go of his older brother. He had expected to see her. In fact, when he last talked to her a week ago, she promised she’d be there. It’s not like it wasn’t enough to see Lip – he’d meet everyone else soon enough – but he’d really missed Mandy. He’d been gone for three years, and he wanted to see his best friend.

”Ian, look,” his brother stared up at him and he looked so serious.

”You two had a fight again, seriously? Can’t you just bury your old shit for once, jesus Christ Lip.”

”No, man,” he argued. ”It’s not that. She’s just going through some shit.”

”What shit?” Ian wanted to know, worried about her. He didn’t want her to go through her shit alone. He wanted to know, so he could be there for her.

Lip picked up a cigarette and placed it between his teeth as he let out a loud sigh, running his fingers through his hair. ”It’s not something you wanna hear… It’s Mickey.”

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fuck im dead inside

How do you know if a guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you?